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Directory Printer enables you to print or export directory (folder) listings, a capability which is not provided by Windows itself. Features include:
  • Print file list for single directories or entire trees. When printing trees, the number of levels of subdirectories printed can be specified.
  • Choice of fields to print (long and short file name, file type, size, date/time, attributes, version information, image information, MP3 artist/title/duration, MS Word/Excel title/subject/author).
  • Sort by name, extension, file type, date/time or attributes
  • Prints total number and size of files.
  • Option to print summary listing (subdirectories only, without files).
  • Option to filter files by date.
  • Print in any of three different column formats, using any available font.
  • Ability to export to ASCII text, HTML, or comma-delimited files (which can be imported into word processing, spreadsheet or database programs).
  • Print preview available.
  • As an alternative to the regular listing, a tree view similar to the view in Windows Explorer can be printed.
  • Appearance of the program can be changed by choosing one of 60 provided skins.
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"One of the most useful little programs for Windows...Thoroughly comprehensive and brilliant". Read the full review here.