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NOTE: Do not choose the "Buy It Now" option if you have already downloaded a trial version. Please follow the instructions given in the trial version or on the Register Software page for purchasing the program.
FontLook is a utility to display and print samples of your Windows fonts, and to preview or install fonts from CD-ROMs or other sources. Screen displays include samples at selectable sizes and character maps. Print samples include:

  1. Sample Text: One line or three lines for each font, as many fonts as will fit on each page, at the point size of your choice.
  2. Character Charts: A full-page chart for each font, showing each character and its ASCII code number.
  3. Full Page Sample: Includes one-line samples at sizes from 8 to 60 points, three-line samples including regular, bold, italic and bold italic; all extended characters.
  4. Text Paragraphs: A paragraph printed at user-selectable sizes from 7 to 14 points, one page per font.