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Power Edit is a very powerful text editor for Windows. It is a far more functional replacement for Notepad and Wordpad, and an excellent tool for creating and editing Web pages.

With Power Edit you can simultaneously edit many files of large or small size, with lines of any length. You can quickly navigate between files with the simple tabbed interface, and can split each file window to see two views of the same file. The number of simultaneous open files is virtually unlimited (in Windows 95, 98 and ME it is limited by system resources).

Power Edit contains all the usual features expected of text editors and several that are unique. The search and replace function is especially powerful, including regular expression handling as well as soundex and approximate searches, which are found in few if any other editors. In addition, the program includes many text manipulation functions which are difficult to find elsewhere, such as removal of leading spaces, position-based text deletion, deletion of blank lines, conversion of data between fixed width and delimited formats, and extraction of e-mail addresses and Internet URLs.

The complete list of features includes:

File Operations

  • Open multiple files of large or small size, with unlimited line length
  • Preview files in the File Open dialog
  • Drag and drop files from My Computer or Explorer
  • Save all open files at once, save selected text as a file, save a copy of the file
  • Print and print preview with configurable font, margins, headers, footers, color syntax highlighting
  • Specify favorite files and folders in two different ways
  • Create projects to group files together for quick opening
  • Display file properties dialog
  • Compare files visually, showing added, deleted and modified lines
  • Insert file at cursor
  • Reload current file from disk
  • Delete current file from disk
  • View file in Web browser
  • Email file directly from the editor
  • Export to Adobe Acrobat PDF format with configurable font, margins, headers, footers
  • Export to RTF (rich text file) format
  • Open binary files for viewing only
  • Automatic timed backup available
  • When saving files, previous version can be saved as a backup
  • Cut, copy, paste, cut and append, copy and append
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Select word, select line, select all
  • Delete word, delete line, delete to end of line, delete to start of line
  • Indent and unindent
  • Change case of selected text (upper, lower, invert case, proper case, capitalize every word)
  • Insert date/time
  • Column (rectangular) blocks available
Search and Replace
  • Regular expression search/replace
  • Soundex (phonetic) search
  • Approximate search (allows for one or more non-matching characters)
  • Search/replace in current file or all open files
  • Search/replace in files on disk without opening them
  • When searching current file, scope can be entire file or from cursor down
  • When replacing in current file, scope can be entire file, from cursor down or selected text only
  • Case-sensitive and whole word options
  • List of search results can be displayed in two different ways
  • Count occurrences of search text
  • Delete all lines containing search text
  • Go to line, go to column
  • Match brace characters
  • Set and go to bookmarks
Text Operations
  • Optional word wrapping
  • Reformat text within margins
  • Unformat text (convert to one long line)
  • Align text left, center or right
  • Sort ascending or descending, with selectable starting column
  • Remove leading spaces
  • Convert multiple spaces to single space
  • Insert specified text in each line
  • Delete text from each line by column position or by occurrence of a text string
  • Automatically insert line numbers into text, with various formatting options
  • Invert order of lines
  • Delete blank lines
  • Insert selected file names into text
  • Convert data between fixed width and delimited formats
  • Create list of distinct or duplicate lines
  • Clean up and reformat HTML using HTML Tidy
  • Convert text to HTML
  • Remove HTML tags
  • Extract email addresses or URLs from text
Other Features
  • Spell checker with dictionaries available for many languages
  • Thesaurus (English only)
  • Syntax highlighting for over 25 languages including C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, Perl, HTML and many others
  • Clip lists available to store frequently used words/phrases for quick insertion into a file
  • Option to show line numbers
  • Option to show ruler
  • Option to show visible markers for spaces, tabs, line endings and right margin
  • Count words, lines, characters
  • Create list of all words in a file and number of occurrences of each word
  • View ASCII table; characters can be inserted into text
  • View Windows error code listing; copy to clipboard or insert into text
  • HTML color picker chart
  • Built-in calculator; results can be inserted into text
  • Convert numbers between decimal, hex, octal and binary
  • Run DOS command with output sent to the editor
  • Add up to 9 external programs to the menu
  • Display list of all open files for quick navigation
  • Split window into horizontal or vertical panes for two views of the same file
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts, fonts, file assocations
  • Various options to customize editor behavior
  • Right-click context menu for file and editing operations
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Synergy Canada -
"Innovative and exceptionally useful"

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Kickstart News -
"Fast and the editing window is as clean
as anything we've ever seen...
One of the lowest cost serious choices...
Perfectly stable - rock solid actually...
Highly recommended.

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