This is an unsolicited review of Power Edit received by email.

Dear Mr. Alcott:

Synergy Canada develops and integrates new media web based products out of Toronto, Canada.

On occasion we review software technology that we sometimes classify as meritorious and well implemented.

I am pleased to inform you that after reviewing the evaluation version of your software, Power Edit 2.11, we have determined that your software is actually a very good text editor for web development on several scripting platforms.

Our scale for evaluation and implementation is as follows;

General Overview: 1 to 10 (10 excellent and 1 being poor).
Usability Scale: 1 to 10 (1 very abstract to 10 being very intuitive).
User Level Rrating: 1 to 10 (1 for beginners to 10 for expert users).
Innovative: 1 to 10 (1 not very original to 10 for very innovative).

Each scale represents 25% of the total product rating. Each scale is determined individually by four different users and an average of each scale is applied to the final score for each scale.

Two female and two male users are used for testing and evaluation.

Your software has scored as follows:

User (M=male; F=female)FMFM 
General Overview7879Avg: 7.75
Usability Scale7787Avg: 7.25
User Level Rating8887Avg: 7.75
Innovative8979Avg: 8.25

The scale is then rounded to the nearest whole number.

In your case, 8.0 is your final score calculation out of a possible 10.

Your software has scored reasonably high on our evaluation scale!

Our scale determined that your software is both innovative and exceptionally useful. Your software should be targeted at intermediate to advanced users.