Super Explorer 1.5   Download Trial Screen Shot

Super Explorer is a replacement for Windows Explorer which works much like the original but provides greatly enhanced functionality. Within the familiar Explorer interface, it adds the following features:
  • Multiple windows: Up to four windows can be opened simultaneously. They can be tiled, cascaded or arranged any way you want to make copying and moving files far easier.
  • File previews: An optional preview window can be opened to display the contents of files. The types of files that can be displayed include graphics, word processing documents, text files, PDF files, spreadsheets, multimedia files and others.
  • File filters to include or exclude files meeting particular specifications
  • Expand the folder tree for a specific folder or an entire drive to make all folders visible at once
  • Display and print listing of folder sizes (number of files and total bytes for each folder) for the entire tree or any part
  • Print files from the preview window
  • Convert graphics to different formats
  • View graphic thumbnails
  • Create and extract from Zip files, extract from RAR files
  • Group rename: change the extension of a group of files all at once
  • Change file date and time
  • Encrypt and decrypt files
  • Destroy files by writing over their contents so they cannot be recovered
  • System information display, including current memory usage
  • Go straight to a folder by name
  • Built-in command line to run any Windows or DOS command
  • Quick access to system functions such as Control Panel, clipboard viewer, calculator, DOS prompt, format diskette, copy diskette
  • User-defined programs can be added to the menu
  • Thumbnail view of files available in any version of Windows

TechWeb -
"Better File's a steal"

Smart Computing -
"To Windows Explorer what Superman is to the average Joe"

Replace Windows Explorer with this much more powerful alternative.