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This page is to be used for registering programs after you have downloaded the trial version. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with your registration code. Please note that the software itself is not shipped, either electronically or physically. If you are registering a program which you have not already downloaded, please return to the home page and then go to the page for that product to download it.

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If registering for multiple users, you must order one copy per user.

If you want to register more than 5 copies, a discount is available but you cannot order using this form. Please contact me at for information on discounts and instructions for placing your order.

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Dear ,

Thank you for your registration of .

The registration code is . To enter the code, click Continue on the opening screen then click Help/Enter Registration Code on the menu. Please keep this code, as you may need it if you need to reinstall the program or move it to another computer.

If you lose the program and need to download it again, it is available at my website

A copy of this receipt is being sent to you by email.