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Utilities for Windows
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Print and export listings of files and directories (folders), with many formatting options
Compare, synchronize and manage directories
Search files for any text, including powerful wildcard searches.
In plain ASCII text files, text can be replaced.
Convert documents to PDF, convert PDF to text, extract images from PDF
Merge or split PDF files, edit PDF document properties
Enhanced Explorer with multiple windows, file preview, many other features
Text editor for multiple files of any size, with many powerful features -
excellent replacement for Notepad or Wordpad
Download entire Web sites or groups of files at high speed

Thank you for visiting this site, where you will find useful utilities to enhance your experience while working in Windows. All of the programs have been rated 4 stars or higher (out of 5) by ZDNet Software Library, a leading shareware distribution site run by Ziff-Davis, publishers of PC Magazine.

Detailed descriptions are given on the individual page for each program, where you may purchase the program online or download a trial version. The trial versions are fully functional and contain complete instructions on payment and registration. These instructions are also available on the Register Software page.

NOTE: Do not choose the "Buy It Now" option on the individual program pages if you have already downloaded a trial version. Please follow the instructions given in the trial version or on the Register Software page for registering the program.


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